Testimonials & 5 Star Google Reviews

For about 20 years many patients and health practitioners in NZ and Australia have kindly sent testimonials and put 5 star Google reviews for acupuncture treatment, self treatment (KHT) courses and online health consultation. And I like to share with you some of them below.

KHT Courses (Online & Onsite)

I have just finished the Korean Hand Acupuncture online course over Zoom with Don at the Self Treatment Centre. I would recommend it to anyone that is eager to treat themselves safely and with no side-affects and really REALLY works! This course is extremely informative and Don teaches the different methods thoroughly and professionally. Don has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he generously shares, and there is plenty of time for any questions you want to ask as well. Doing this course over zoom was so convenient and it was great having the shorter 2hour sessions each time so you are able to process the information. The eWorkbooks are a fantastic reference and you also have access to the recorded course after you have completed each session to be able to review. Understanding how our body works with the micro-meridians is completely fascinating and helps you get a much better picture of how our bodies function. I have personally seen quick results to conditions like hayfever and digestive complaints. Worth every penny and if you apply the information it is a very affordable ongoing health investment.

Thank you Don! - Nicola Johnson

 What a wonderful tool to be able to offer the community. Thank you very much for sharing this technique and passing on your knowledge. As a mum and practitioner, it is extremely comforting to have a natural treatment ready for emergency and every day use. It also providea peace of mind that I can be involved in my own treatment which has been beneficial in my recovery. Thank you again. I highly recommend this course to anyone considering it. - Sharna Todd

Don's Korean Hand Acupuncture course is a must do! It is a self treatment first aid course second to none that has come in handy to my family on many occasions. Thank you for imparting your knowledge and experience through these courses. - Michelle Vermaas

I'm not usually a person who writes reviews, but I feel I just have to. I had been suffering from Tennis Elbow for months and nothing I tried seemed to fix the problem. I know it does not seem much, but the condition affected everything I did on a daily basis. I have been pain free now for 12 months thanks to one simple treatment from you. This treatment and the resulting benefits motivated me to take your course. I have to say, your explanation of the causes for many common conditions like depression, chronic fatigue and muscular ailments astounded me. Especially the fact that the causes and treatments available are such a secret to mainstream medicine… how could this be?

Thank you for sharing your real-life experiences and for the proof that there are remedies. I highly recommend your KHT courses, thank you Don. - Greg Cook

Thank you so much Don for the practical,helpful information that I know I`ll love putting into practise.

What you have taught us on the course is very exciting to understand how the body works and how to fix problems that we tend to just put up with pain or discomfort.

I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to enjoy better health. - Kim Coffin

Hospitals and doctors are not always available at the time you desperately need. Don’s classes opened up a way for me to be a self-doctor. The contents of the course was very practical, along with the workbook that I can always go back for reference whenever needed. I already knew that with hand acupuncture therapy, it can cure a lot of physical & mental illnesses, yet again I was amazed by how different organs and meridians in our body work and the therapy that uses that nature of our body system. I hope more and more people learn about this therapy and much benefit from it. Thank you Don! - Grace Miller

"Never had a seminar like this before."– K.M (Australia)

During the course I was able to put into practice the things I was learning straight away. I could feel immediate results. It is a fantastic ‘first aid’ course as well. It’s a very informative course! – N.W

I have done Don’s beginner and intermediate Korean Hand Therapy courses. I thought what a great way to help myself, family and friends.

Don’s delivery of the courses is exceptional, practical, and easy to use!! I have used it for aches and pains and am alway amazed at the positive outcome.

I highly recommend Don’s courses and treatments. - Deanna Pielak-Jones

Thank you Don, clearly you have a wealth of deep knowledge of the body, both practitioners and those of us (like me and my 83 year old mother) keen to learn about self treatment benefited so much from this course. - Cheryl Parfitt

I and my child have been suffering from poor health conditions for many years and I had no idea of how I improve it. That is why I chose this amazing zoom course. It was so convenient for me as a busy mum and it definitely didn't let me down! Don's professional knowledge of how each organ and part of our body work cooperatively and how we stimulate those works effectively by hand therapy gave me a lot of confidence to treat myself in proven natural ways without any side effects.

Thank you very much Don for all your efforts you have done for us during the course! – J.L

Online Health Consultations

I had a zoom consultation with Don several months ago. I had been suffering from chronic stomach problems. I visited my GP and after some tests including an ultrasound I was prescribed strong antacids tablets. This help alleviated the symptoms for several months but symptoms returned when I stopped taking them. After discussing my symptoms with Don, he provided clear instructions on what needed to be treated and how to treat it with pictures and photos, which he emailed through to me afterward. I began hand acupuncture treatment and noticed almost immediate improvement. With regular treatment my stomach steadily improved and within a matter of weeks my original symptoms were gone. I am very grateful and happy with the results and can do maintenance treatments whenever I want. I highly recommend Don’s zoom consultation.

 I have suffered from shoulder pain for years and this causes me many headaches. 

Don was able to fit me in on short notice which I really appreciated.

Although we focused on my shoulder during online consultation, he also asked questions to ascertain other problems and contributing factors and gave practical advice and treatment of not just the problem but also the source of the problem. 

I really enjoyed this unique consultation as I could get much benefit that I haven’t expected before.

Thank you so much Don


I’ve really enjoyed the real-life examples and the treatment plans.

Also the manual is great, makes it easy to write notes, go back to reference information etc.

I feel very grateful that you are willing to share so much information with us from your many years of experience.

I can’t imagine there would be many that would be willing to share so much knowledge and put it in a way that is understandable for the average person without a history of KHA. – K.H

KHT & DTI (Don’s Treatment & Instruction)

Don is an incredibly talented medical professional and the results from his treatments far surpassed my expectations. I have recommended him to several friends and will vouch for his abilities. He will teach you how to do the hand acupuncture treatment yourself in simple, safe steps. - Gabrielle Fitz-Gerald

Don is an inspired and elegant practitioner of his craft. I have been seeing him regularly for a condition that was quietly beginning to effect the quality of my life. I have had a remarkable response to his treatment, which includes his tips of self care at home. I am so happy to have found him! - Jill Brinsdon

Don Kim is without a doubt the most effective treatment provider in acupuncture I have ever received. I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Since day one of Dons help I had nothing but positive effects. Not only with my pain, but also my energy and mood. Thank you very much Don for your service. - David Horwood

I’ve really enjoyed the real-life examples and the treatment plans.

Also the manual is great, makes it easy to write notes, go back to reference information etc.

I feel very grateful that you are willing to share so much information with us from your many years of experience.

I can’t imagine there would be many that would be willing to share so much knowledge and put it in a way that is understandable for the average person without a history of KHT. - Kim Hoskin

Don is a very kindly & professional tutor for Self treatment acupuncture & also performs his services exceptionally well. Perfect review! - Neil Paraha

I saw a girl who had a head injury and suffered a dull ache for 3 weeks. I did a simple KHT treatment and within about one minute she could feel the pain disappearing. – N.L

"I have had so many success stories with pain management techniques I learned from Don … sprained ankle; muscle spasms; I myself seriously hurt my thumb doing high intensity training … all SORTED with these simple pain management techniques. "– C.P

I played netball yesterday the first time in 2 years with a painful achillies. To my huge surprise I had no trouble at all running around in the court because of the press pellets (a pain free tool) I had put on the points for achillies on my hands. The simple pain management techniques I learned are truly amazing! – J.H

I have been using KHT on family & friends with great benefits. One of my friends has not been able to breathe through her nose for 2 years because of sinus issues.

After simple KHT treatment, the next morning she couldn’t believe she could breathe through her nose. Soooo exiting!! – C.A

I broke my right foot two weeks ago. I have hugely improved the condition with KHT. I went for 2 X-rays this morning and even my doctor and radiologist couldn’t believe how my foot is doing. I cannot thank you enough for the knowledge you have shared Don. It has been so very very helpful! – D.V

From Don's Notes

From Don’s note


One attendee had a bad sciatica on both sides for years, and felt more painful on right side of back and leg with restrictive movement. During the demo I did bloodletting only for his right back and leg which took just a few minutes. Just after a couple of minutes he felt improvement. About 15 minutes later he saw much improvement in pain and movement of right back and leg. And he was happy to say, “I hardly feel it right side and I feel only left side!” – Don


I had a demo with a lady who had a back problem. She had a dull ache and she also couldn’t bend her back.

I used 2 press pellets which took me 30 sec. Straight after I did this very simple treatment her pain level dropped quite a bit and she was able to bend her back, which amazed not only her but all other attendees. – Don


During the course one attendee had an allergy attack on her upper part of the skin chest, arms, face and back. They became reddish and she felt hot and itchy. I did bloodletting on a few points. She felt instant benefit with skin color, hot sensation and itchiness. – Don


One attendee had a sore knee for several months. And she couldn’t run nor walk long and was advised to have an operation by her doctor. During the demo I did a simple treatment which took just a few minutes. What I did was to find 2 points on her hands and do bloodletting there. After that I put press pellets on these points. She felt instant relief. Pain decreased a lot and range of movement also increased! A few months later she told me, “I haven’t had any pain at all since that treatment and have been able to do things that I couldn’t before like running, tramping. So happy!” – Don