7 Day Health Retreat Program

General public – Infertility, Weight loss, Appearance, Cancers plus more

Practitioners – Mastery of Korean Hand Therapy

The only specialized retreat program in NZ & probably in the world.

Sharing Don's 35 Years of experience With You

7 Day Health Retreat Program

Have you struggled to conceive a baby for a long time?

Are you or your loved one suffering from cancer?

Have you long struggled to lose weight?

Are you keenly interested in appearance?

If you are a practitioner why not privately learn all stages of KHT/KHA, ‘the best single treatment modality’ from its master?

Private Accomodation

Are you looking for a holiday place very private, quiet and surrounded by native trees and birds?

Have you found a place to celebrate your wedding anniversary?

Did you ever imagine that you can enjoy unique health consultation, treatment or health facilities like Korean mud sauna at your accommodation?

This is the place to tick all these. (Read what others said about their stay at our health retreat)

Online Health Consultation

Are you sick of taking pills?

Do you have a difficult condition that has bothered you long?

Haven’t you found any practitioners who were able to give you a long term benefit?

Do you like to know what the cause of your condition is and how to improve it naturally?

Why not try then 1:1 Zoom consultation with Don?

Online KHT Course

Korean Hand Therapy has been proven not only the best single treatment modality but the best self treatment method.

Anyone can learn this easy-to-learn but powerful method, and improve his condition himself safely and effectively.

Great option for practitioners who want to upgrade skills.

Why not join live online course with Don, the only KHT specialist in NZ and Australia?

Introducing Self Treatment Centre

Learn why SELF Treatment is the most ideal, safe and powerful treatment online choice you must make in this global pandemic situation. 

5 Questions about Self Treatment

What is SELF Treatment?

Where about in our body can we use it?

How powerful is it?

What conditions can we treat with it?​

Who can learn and use it?

Success Stories

Watch this video as Don talks about a few chronic cases he has easily fixed with Self Treatment.

What Our Customer Say

"After discussing my symptoms with Don, he provided clear instructions on what needed to be treated and how to treat it with pictures and photos.

I began self treatment and noticed almost immediate improvement.

 I am very grateful and happy with the results and can do maintenance treatments whenever I want.I highly recommend self treatment."

Gareth K

"I absolutely love using Don's Self Treatment Method.

It’s so effective that I have been able to help through having zoom consultations with Don. 

I really appreciate the life changing information I have learnt.It’s helped me to understand how the body works. 

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me.​You have saved my life from needless aches and pains." 

Kim C

"I highly recommend Don to anyone wanting to learn KHT as a practitioner, and to those who wish to take charge of their pain management.

​Don always shows great respect and kindness and he shares his knowledge openly and explains things very well. ​"

Bobbie R

Health Practitioner

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