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Are you suffering from pain? Do you need updated and most accurate treatments for your pain relief?

If so, Go ahead and Join our online pain management program to get the best results today.

You can Meet Don via ZOOM from anywhere in the world to learn how to manage your pain effectively without side-effects.

Don has specialised in pain management for over 30 years, and now like to share with anyone the best pain relief method ever.

You will be able to manage pain of many kinds after 4 hours of learning this simple but powerful therapy.


One-off Course

Online Pain Management Programme

Unique Features

  • The time-proven best pain management technique

  • Don has decades of experience in pain management

  • Instant pain relief for many conditions

  • Anyone can easily learn it.

  • Safe (No side effect or danger)

  • Pain of most kinds relieved


4 hours in 2 weeks

(2 hours each week)

Manage the following pain easily

Muscular pain

 back pain, crampy legs, shoulder pain, neck pain,  fibromyalgia, hamstring pain etc.

Joint Pain

 shoulder joint pain, sore knee or ankle, tennis elbow etc.

Pain from organs

stomach pain, liver pain, period pain etc.

Pain from inflammation

stye, gum pain, pain from endometriosis etc.

Neurological Pain

headache, migraine, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia etc.

Pain from other sources

bladder infection, toothache, sore throat from common cold etc

Check out what people Are Saying About Online Pain Management Programme


I sprained my ankle while playing tennis and felt much pain. Thankfully someone who had learned ‘pain management technique’ treated my ankle using my hands.

It took about 20 minutes. To my huge surprise pain instantly disappeared. And I was able to play again straight after this simple treatment. I don’t still believe it! – Andrew K

Andrew K


I treated a lady with a gum problem painful, red and swollen using a simple pain management technique.

About an hour later she said that pain was almost gone.

There was also a color change too from red to pinky and swelling down. I was so amazed at this great result. Truly terrific. –


Course Attendee


This is my patient’s case. She suffered from excruciating pain in the head and tummy for a number of years.

She has tried almost anything possible but nothing worked. Doctors couldn’t figure out the cause of it and took her appendix out.

Pain level was so high that she was on morphine on and off for a long time, which caused many side effects.

I taught her some simple pain management techniques with which she could treat herself safely and effectively.

After this I haven’t heard from her for months.

So I contacted her and asked how she was.

She was so excited and said that she had been able to manage pain with the pain management techniques I had taught her.

So happy to see this great result. – D.K


Health Practitioner

Check out what clients say


I had a dodgy achillies for a long time. I treated it with a pain free simple technique I learned at the course.

The next day I played netball the first time in 2 years and had no trouble at all.

So glad I took the course. It changed the quality of my life.

Thank you so much Don!


Course Attendee


I fixed a patient with upset stomach yesterday (the next day of the course).

She couldn’t believe it.

After half an hour she was back to feeling normal again.

Thanks heaps for teaching me. This course is such beneficial!


Course Attendee

Check Out What Our Clients Are saying


I have had so many success stories with pain management techniques I learned from Don … sprained ankle; muscle spasms;

I myself seriously hurt my thumb doing high intensity training … all SORTED with these simple pain management techniques

Mark Dyllan

Course Attendee

After you did the treatment for my ribs I felt great.

On my way home I had to sneeze a couple of times because of pollen.

I was so scared initially because I thought it was going to hurt, but it didn’t. From then on …no pain!!!

(This lady had a fracture in her ribs and I gave her a simple treatment which anyone can do after attending Pain management course.)

Mckaela Dolson

Course Attendee


I played netball yesterday the first time in 2 years with a painful achillies.

To my huge surprise I had no trouble at all running around in the court because of the press pellets (pain free metal stuff) I had put on the points for achillies on my hands.

The simple pain management techniques I learned are truly amazing! –

Shannon Micheals

Course Attendee


Special Promotions

Another three reasons to take the course today!


After the class, recorded files will be given (for a limited time only.)


Your partner can learn this along with you (for a limited time only.)


e workbooks* are sourced from 13 Korean Hand therapy books, some acupuncture books and Self Healthcare books. 

These are well researched out, informative and comprehensive.

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