Online Health Consultation

1. Talk to Don about your condition.

2. Don teaches you how to improve your condition yourself.

3. Treat yourself and enjoy benefit anywhere you are.


Safely from your couch

Learn the most ideal and safest SELF treatment method in this pandemic time through 1:1 Online Health consultation with Don.


The one & only system to teach you online ‘a Personalised SELF Treatment method’ for yourself or someone you treat.

Anywhere in the world

Anyone from anywhere in the world can join it.

Genuine solution

You will learn how to treat the cause as well as the symptoms of your condition.

Why Online Health Consultation is just for YOU?

What is this about?

Online Health consultation is a health consultation system that Don has created from his decades of experience as an acupuncturist and a Korean Hand Therapy practitioner. Based on the information he gets from a patient he finds out the cause of the condition. And he prescribes a ‘Tailored Self Treatment Plan’ with which anyone can improve his condition in an easy, safe, effective and also cost effective way.

The Self Treatment methods Don shares are so effective for a variety of conditions that people can improve many conditions that even the practitioners struggle to improve.

A patient is also allowed to record whole consultation and keep it for reference.

Why is it so unique?

Online Health consultation is very unique because this is likely available only with Don in NZ and Australia.

The idea of teaching people how to treat themselves is new to most practitioners. But not only as an acupuncturist but as a self treatment practitioner and teacher Don has helped numerous people to treat themselves with simple measures for over 35 years.

So the information he shares with others is hardly found elsewhere. It has also been proven practically effective at Don’s clinics in Timaru and Queenstown, at his self treatment seminars and through online consultation.

So through this unique consultation system anyone in any place here and elsewhere can enjoy much health practical benefits.

Who is it for ?

Online Health consultation is for ANYONE whether he be a doctor, a retailer or a housewife.

Don has simplified many complicated ideas and thoughts in self treatment methods to help anyone to be able to understand the information he shares and easily use them by himself.

One good reason that this is for anyone is total safety of self treatment methods he shares. So they are safe to use and also side effect free.

Why do you need Online Health Consultation NOW?

Many today are getting aware of limitation of Conventional medicine which only deals with the symptoms with synthetic stuff, and getting into Oriental ways of natural treatment not only to avoid side effect from medication but to treat the cause of the conditions together with the symptoms in a natural way.

Thing is though that there are not many natural options available to choose from and also these options are quite expensive. Good news is however, Korean Hand Therapy which Don specializes in and also is the main item in self treatment methods can be an answer.

Decades of Don’s experience with Korean Hand Therapy let him say in full confidence that Korean Hand Therapy is not only the best self treatment method ever but the best natural treatment ever as anyone can improve many conditions with it that even many practitioners struggle to improve.

(You can see this from many testimonials from Don’s ex and current patients.) Yes this unique Online Health consultation is just what you need for yourself and your family NOW.

Online Health Consultation Pricing

Casual Consultation



Similar to Full Consultation
Suitable for soft tissue sports injuries like sprained back or ankle.
Recording is allowed

Full Consultation



The cause of your condition explained
Easy-to-follow ‘Tailored Self Treatment Plan’ explained
Recording is allowed


I had a zoom consultation with Don several months ago. I had been suffering from chronic stomach problems. I visited my GP and after some tests including an ultrasound I was prescribed strong antacids tablets. This help alleviated the symptoms for several months but symptoms returned when I stopped taking them. After discussing my symptoms with Don, he provided clear instructions on what needed to be treated and how to treat it with pictures and photos, which he emailed through to me afterward. I began hand acupuncture treatment and noticed almost immediate improvement. With regular treatment my stomach steadily improved and within a matter of weeks my original symptoms were gone. I am very grateful and happy with the results and can do maintenance treatments whenever I want. I highly recommend Don’s zoom consultation.


I have suffered from shoulder pain for years and this causes me many headaches. 

Don was able to fit me in on short notice which I really appreciated.

Although we focused on my shoulder during online consultation, he also asked questions to ascertain other problems and contributing factors and gave practical advice and treatment of not just the problem but also the source of the problem. 

I really enjoyed this unique consultation as I could get much benefit that I haven’t expected before.

Thank you so much Don.