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Why You Should Join Our Online Doctor consultation?


What Is This About?

Online Health consultation is a health consultation system that Don has created from his decades of experience as an acupuncturist and a Korean Hand Therapy practitioner.

Based on the information he gets from a client he finds out the cause of the condition.

And he prescribes a ‘Tailored Self Treatment Plan’ with which anyone can treat his condition in an easy, safe, effective and also cost effective way.

The Self Treatment methods Don shares are so effective for a variety of conditions that a client can improve many conditions that even many practitioners struggle to improve.

A client is also allowed to record whole consultation and watch it anytime to refresh his memory.

Why Is It so unique?

Online Health consultation is very unique because this consultation is likely available only with Don in NZ and Australia, and maybe in the world.

The idea of teaching people how to treat themselves is new to most practitioners.

But not only as an acupuncturist but as a self treatment practitioner and teacher he has helped numerous people to treat themselves with simple measures for over 35 years.

So the information he shares with others is hardly found elsewhere. It has also been proven practically effective at Don’s clinic, at his self treatment seminars and through online consultation for a long time.

Who is It For ?

Online Health consultation is anyone whether he be a doctor, a retailer or a housewife.

Don has simplified many complex ideas in self treatment methods to help anyone to be able to understand the information he shares and put it in practice by himself and also for himself.

One good reason that this is for anyone is total safety of self treatment methods. So they are side effect free and don’t involve any danger in their practice.

So, Why Do You Need Online Consultation Now?

Many today are getting aware of limitation of Conventional medicine which only deals with the symptoms with synthetic stuff and getting into Oriental way of natural treatment not only to avoid side effect from medication but to treat the cause of the condition in a natural way.

Thing is though that there are not many natural options available and also they are quite expensive.But Korean Hand Therapy which Don specializes in and also is the main item in self treatment methods can be an answer to this obstacle.

Decades of Don’s experience with Korean Hand Therapy let him say in full confidence says that Korean Hand Therapy is not only the best self treatment method ever but the best natural treatment ever as anyone can treat many conditions with it that he or a practitioner can’t with any other modalities of treatment.

(You can see this from many testimonials from Don’s ex and current patients.)Yes this unique Online Health consultation is just what you need for yourself and your family.

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Full Consultation

45 min

NZ$150 (1st)

NZ$120 (from 2nd onwards)

Casual Consultation

20 min


Zoom Health Consultation Pricing

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Casual Consultation



Similar to Full Consultation
Suitable for soft tissue sports injuries like sprained back or ankle.
Get personal advise on Natural Treatment option
Recording is allowed

Full Consultation



NZ$150 (1st Time)
NZ$120 (from 2nd onwards)
Find out the Cause of your condition
Get personal advise on Natural Treatment option
Safe and Effective prescription of method
Get ‘Tailored Self Treatment Plan’
Recording is allowed