Buy Fish Or Learn How To Fish?

Looking back on my past as an acupuncturist I should say I have sold fish to my clients.

So they had to keep coming back to buy fish. In other words, people came to me and got benefit, but they had to come back for the same or other conditions as they had no idea of how to treat themselves.

So I decided to teach people how to fish

or treat by themselves rather than keep buying fish off me so to speak.

I feel privileged to announce that I now offer teaching ‘Self Treatment’ to anyone not just in NZ but anywhere in the world.

Whether he or she is a caregiver or a doctor through ‘Self Treatment Courses’, ‘PAIN management course’ or ‘1:1 Zoom Consultation’. 

“This is an extremely unique opportunity to learn ‘Self Treatment and Korean hand therapy because you will hardly come across these services elsewhere.​”

I am sure you will be amazed at how easy it is to learn, how much

benefits you will gain and also how cost effective it is. ‘

Self Treatment’ is also the safest and a most ideal modality of treatment in this global pandemic situation because there’s no danger of getting infected by others at the clinical settings.

So I invite you to learn this most unique Self Treatment method with me and treat yourself

with it.​

-Don Kim-

Meet Don

Self Treatment & Korean Hand Therapy Teacher / Acupuncturist

  • Dip. Ac & O.M. – Int’l O.M. Therapy Developing Institute

  • National Dip. Ac – New Zealand College of Medicine

  • BPs – Yonsei University, Korea

  • NCCAOM – exam passed

  • ​Certificates – Koryo Sooji Institute, Phil Health Management Center, Int’l Institute of R.W.O. S.H.R. Health
Korean Hand Therapy
About 35 years of learning and practicing (Korean Hand Therapy Institute, Phil Health Management Center, Oriental Acupuncture Clinic, Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness centre)
Oriental Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Tuina (Chinese Massage)

4 years of full or part time training (Int’l O.M Therapy Developing Institute, Koryo Sooji Institute & New Zealand College of Chinese Medicine), 30 years of part-time or full-time practicing.

U.C.L.A. Auricular Therapy
6 months of part time training (Int’l O.M. Therapy Developing Institute), over 20 years of part time or full time practicing and lecturing.
Other Methods
(Chinese Reflexology, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Korean Therapy, Namsu Moxa, Taiwanese Acupuncture, Eye Acupuncture, Wrist & Ankle Acupuncture, and some other Self treatment methods.)​​

Recent Works

Here’s what Don has been up to in New Zealand.


Founding Director of Hamilton College of Oriental Medicine


Director of a sister school of Hamilton College of Oriental Medicine


Oriental Acupuncture Clinic (Timaru, New Zealand)


Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness Centre (Queenstown, New Zealand)


Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness Centre (Auckland, New Zealand)

​Self Treatment teacher


Oriental Acupuncture & Wellness Centre (Auckland, New Zealand)‘Self Treatment Centre’ (Auckland, New Zealand)​

Self Treatment Teacher

Learn & Consult with Don via Zoom

Learn Self Treatment from Don via Zoom

A Self Treatment can change your life

Try it and see for yourself.

Upcoming Self Care Courses

Module 1 & 2 : March 15 to April 9

Module 1 : March 15 to March 26

New Zealand time 10am-12pm or 7-9pm