Korean Hand Therapy Training -Online Course

Welcome To Self Treatment Centre! Our Korean Hand Therapy training offers the best and effective programs to the world.

You will get to learn step by step on how to treat yourself and your loved ones effectively without side effects.

Doctor Don has specialized in Acupuncture and Natural Therapy for over 30 years, and now like to share the essence of the most effective solutions proven over time.


Korean Hand Therapy Training

(Module 1)

8 hours in 2 weeks.
(2 hours each on 2 weekdays for 2 weeks)

Korean Hand Therapy Training

(Module 2)

8 hours in 2 weeks.
(2 hours each on 2 weekdays for 2 weeks)

Module 1 & 2

Unique Features

  • Entire self treatment courses offered through zoom.

  • The safest way to learn korean hand therapy courses at the comfort of your home.

  • No need to have time off for travel.

  • This is for anyone in any place in the world.

  • No experience required and applies to all age. ​

  • Much info is not found in the books as it’s from Don’s experience at a cancer clinic and as a longtime acupuncturist.


  • Recorded files are given after each class (for a limited time only)

  • 2 for 1 offer : Invite another person while paying for one (for a limited time only) 


Module I & II together will take 16 hours in 4 weeks. (2 hours each on 2 weekdays for 4 weeks)


You may need Self Treatment Kit (Self Treatment case, Hand roller, Lancet pen & 50 Lancets, Point finder, Needle inserter & 200 Needles, Needle sorter, 2 boxes of Press pellets (S & L), 1 box of Hand moxa).

You may purchase all or some of these from Don or elsewhere.

What do I expect?

You will learn a lot about our body system.

And you will also learn effective ways to improve a variety of conditions by use of mainly 4 useful Korean Hand Therapy tools. 

It’s likely that you can safely and effectively improve the conditions below with the information you learn from the course.

Improve these conditions yourself

Muscular conditions

sore back, neck, shoulder, knee, wrist, elbow, hip, legs, sciatica, etc.

Sports injuries or acute conditions

sprained joints like ankle or knee, sprained back, cramp, concussion, whiplash etc.

Psychological conditions

depression, anxiety etc.

Gastric conditions

stomach pain, nausea, stomach ulcer, vomiting etc.

Intestinal conditions

constipation, diarrhea etc.

Respiratory conditions

asthma, shortness of breath etc.

Women’s conditions

endometriosis, period pain, infertility, Urinary tract infection  etc.

Cardiac conditions

palpitation, heart pain etc.

Male conditions

premature ejaculation, prostate problem etc.

Neurological conditions

migraine, trigeminal neuralgia etc.

Emergency conditions

stroke, faint etc.

Module 1

  • Introduction to the course

1. Why these courses unique and special?

2. Understanding of a condition & holistic approach to it

3. Introduction to Self treatment

  • INTRODUCTION to Korean Hand Therapy (KHT)

1. What is Korean Hand Therapy? (understanding of KHT basics )

2. Why KHT is so powerful?

3. Medical proof on powerful effect of KHT

4. Other strong features of KHT

5. Main purpose of KHT – Balancing our system

6. Korean Hand Therapy tools & precautions


1. Qi, Meridians & Micro Meridians

2. Overview of each micro meridian & body meridian

3. What is CORRESPONDENCE Therapy

4. Needling & Press pelleting

  • Blood Letting Method Part 1

1. Why Bloodletting Method such beneficial?

2. Bloodletting on corresponding points

*(Please note that the content may be changed without any prior notice.)

Module 2

  • Blood Letting Method Part 2

3. Emergency conditions 

4. Acute conditions 

  • Hand Moxa Therapy

1. General benefit of Hand moxa

2. Hand moxa & Moxa stick

3. Hand Moxa Therapy

  • Case Studies

Useful self treatment methods

1. Ramekin moxa

2. Seat moxa (Toilet or V moxa)

  • Three Constitutions Theory
  • Ring Method

*(Please note that the content may be changed without any prior notice.)

Special Promotions

Another three reasons to take the course today!


After the class, recorded files will be given (for a limited time only.)


Invite another person while paying for one (for a limited time only.)


e workbooks* are sourced from 13 Korean Hand therapy books, some acupuncture books and Self Healthcare books. These are well researched out, informative and comprehensive.