Korean Hand Therapy Tools & Techniques Don teaches at Self Treatment Centre

The followings are the main korean hand therapy tools or techniques Don teaches during the course and the retreat program. Apart from these Don may also teach some other useful techniques like  Korean therapeutic exercise, UCLA ear therapy, Tuina (Chinese massage), Chinese reflexology, etc.


Hand Roller

We have about 350 acupoints in one hand. So just holding a hand roller hard or rolling it over can stimulate hundreds of acupoints and in turn improve many conditions without your knowledge. You can safely and effectively use it for any conditions with no need to worry about any danger or side effect.

So it’s good to hold it as often as you can and play with it not only on your palms which represent the medial side of the body including all organs but on your dorsal sides which represent the posterior side of the body including back, neck and spine.This can also help protect bad wave from electronic devices like TV or computer.

So it’s good to use it while watching TV or doing computer too. Yes it’s so handy to use but the benefit is great.

Hand Needle inserter / Needles / Needle sorter

KHT needling has a similar effect with body acupuncture which has very strict direction on the depth and angle of each needling point.

Unlike body acupuncture though there’s no danger or side effect with KHT needling. So if you put a KHT needle on a point for any point in the hands you don’t have to worry about any danger or side effect.

But you will get the same benefit of needling the corresponding point in the body. That’s why anyone can learn KHT and safely do needling on hands.KHT needles are for single use. But some like to use them one or few more times when they treat themselves. Then you need a needle sorter.

Hand Moxa

Hand moxa is a warming method and an essential treatment method in KHT. This is a great korean hand therapy tool for a variety of conditions like immunity, obesity, chronic fatigue, poor circulation. Especially for all female conditions it is a must. This is good not only for treatment but for prevention of many conditions like common cold or miscarriage.

Press Pellets

Press pellets are made from aluminium and most frequently used in practice in all ages because they are not just safe to use but effective for most conditions.

They are also pain free, handy to use and of high practical value. Just stick them on some points in the hands and leave them on for between a few hours and a couple of days, and you will likely see improvement of many conditions. While leaving them on in the hands you can do other things, and more important you are being treated.

Quite often you may see an instant benefit from these simple stuff. There are 2 sizes big (only silver colored) and small, and 2 colors silver and gold. And we select a right size and color depending on the area and also the nature of the condition. Another good thing about these is that you can keep using them just by replacing tapes until you’ve lost them.

So they are cost effective too. You can use press pellets as a sole treatment or in conjunction with other korean hand therapy tools


Bloodletting is a technique to let a bit of blood out from some point(s) in the hands. It is not only unique but more beneficial than any other single modality or technique especially for acute or emergency conditions like sports injuries or even stroke. Compared with bloodletting on body acupuncture point or area bloodletting in the hands has four unique benefits.

First, safety. Bloodletting on body acupuncture point or area can cause some side effects or even danger depending on the area and the level of skills. But bloodletting in the hands doesn’t cause any side effects or danger. Second, locality. The point(s) or area we can do bloodletting on body is limited.

So we can’t do bloodletting on many places like head, face or organs like eyes. But we can safely do bloodletting on the corresponding points in the hands for any part of the body including head, face, internal and external organs. Third, range of the conditions. Bloodletting on body is beneficial for some conditions while bloodletting in the hands is beneficial for a variety of conditions including not just muscular but internal, neurological, psychological, women’s or emergency.

Lastly, effectiveness or level of benefit. Bloodletting in the hands is so powerful that you will quite often get an instant benefit for many conditions. For example, you can likely fix a sprained ankle with 1 or 2 brief sessions with this powerful technique.Yes bloodletting technique in KHT is something very unique and most beneficial.

Moxa Sticks or Rolls

Moxa sticks are a body acupuncture tool. But we can safely and effectively use these in KHT. From my experience as an acupuncturist I have found that some people prefer moxa sticks to hand moxa because of convenience. So you may use moxa sticks instead of hand moxa.

Ramekin Moxa

Ramekin moxa is only available with Don as it is his invention. As a Korean acupuncturist he wanted to apply a very useful moxa technique that many Korean acupuncturists use in their clinics. Because it creates lots of smoke no one uses it here in NZ.

So Don has created a unique moxa technique using ramekin bowls that has a similar effect with one in Korea but doesn’t create any smoke. Many of Don’s ex and current clients have got much benefit from this unique technique.

Seat Moxa (or Toilet or Vaginal Moxa)

Don has brought this idea from Korea where seat moxa is popular because of its health benefit. The idea of seat moxa is from an ancient Korean underfloor heating system called ‘Ondol’.

The benefit of this unique technique is huge for many conditions especially for most women’s conditions. It also helps improve many other conditions like chronic fatigue, poor circulation, fibromyalgia, hemorrhoids, low immunity, intestinal, gastric, psychological conditions, etc.

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