Techniques You Can Learn At Self Treatment Centre

Decades of Don’s experience as an acupuncturist and a self treatment practitioner saw that Korean Hand Therapy is not only the best self treatment method but the best single treatment modality among all modalities available.

The techniques Korean Hand Therapy is the main ones you learn and use for your condition and that of others.

Don has added to these some useful techniques in acupuncture such as:

  • Tuina (Chinese massage)

  • UCLA ear therapy

  • Korean therapeutic exercise

  • Chinese reflexology

  • Seat moxa

You will also learn a popular self treatment technique called Ramekin moxa which is Don’s invention.

All these techniques have been proved very useful for self treatment. And anyone can easily and safely administer these after the course

Hand Acupuncture – Korean Hand Therapy


Hand acupuncture is a main technique in Korean Hand Therapy as it has the same effect on our body with (body) acupuncture.

Using short and very fine needles we effectively regulate physiological function with this technique. Unlike acupuncture which has a very strict direction on depth and angle of each acupoint though there’s no danger of using hand acupuncture on any point.

So anyone can easily and safely use this technique himself for a variety of conditions. As one hand represents a whole body you can easily treat any parts of the body just using hands.

Hand Moxa

Hand moxa is another main technique in Korean Hand Therapy as it has the same effect on our body with (body) moxa.

As moxa is a fundamental part of (body) acupuncture treatment we don’t get full benefit from any acupuncture treatment without moxa treatment, which is the case with hand moxa.

So it goes hand in hand with hand acupuncture for most conditions as some elements in most conditions need to be strengthened and nourished with this warming method.

Hand moxa treatment looks simple but it is so powerful that it can both treat and prevent many conditions.

“This is a great way to boost our immunity too which is a key to our general wellbeing.”

 Press Pelleting

Press pellets are a unique tool in Korean Hand Therapy. They are made from alluminium and are pain and side effect free so anyone including babies and aged ones can safely use these.

Again they look simple but quite often you can see instant benefit from these. Another beauty of this technique is continuation effect of the treatment, which means that you are being treated while you’re doing something after putting these on some points in the hands.

It’s always good to finish up the treatment with this to keep effectiveness last long.


Korean Hand TherapyBloodletting is a unique and also very powerful technique in Korean Hand Therapy.

I confidently say that this is the best treatment ever for all acute conditions including sports injuries and even emergency conditions.

Many suffer from aftermath of an injury like concussion, whiplash or stroke. If you use this technique straight after an injury or an accident you will very likely see huge improvement which helps you avoid bad side effect or aftermath.

This is so powerful that you can treat for example sprained ankle successfully with 1 or 2 sessions. We do bloodletting on body acupoints too. But the benefit from hand bloodletting is incomparable to body bloodletting as we can improve any part of the body even brain just using some points in the hands.

Moxa Sticks

 Don’s experience as an acupuncturistMoxa sticks are an acupuncture tool. But these are also useful for self treatment. Don finds that some people prefer moxa sticks to hand moxa for some reasons.

So you can expect a similar health benefit with hand moxa when using moxa sticks. You can add moxa stick treatment to hand moxa or hand acupuncture to intensify the treatment.

Moxa sticks are also used in conjunction with Ramekin moxa treatment which is only available with Don.

Ramekin Moxa

Don’s invention Ramekin moxa treatment was invented by Don and has been proved effective as a self treatment method.

It is easy, simple and safe for anyone to use for a variety of conditions from popular to internal, women’s, cosmetic and even psychological.

This unique method has benefited many of Don’s patients and course attendees, and is popular to all young and old especially to women.

Don has also included some acupuncture stuff called moxa punk in this technique to intensify effectiveness of Ramekin moxa treatment.

Seat moxa (Toilet or Vaginal moxa)

 Don’s introducing a unique method popular in KoreaThe idea of seat moxa originated in ancient Korea and is from a traditional underfloor heating system called ‘Ondol’.

Don has seen a huge health benefit of this unique treatment in his clinic for long time. One lady even said, “This simple self treatment has changed my life!”

It directly improves all male and female conditions including Kidney and Bladder conditions, and indirectly improves intestinal, gastric, circulatory, respiratory and also cosmetic conditions.

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