What is DTI? (Don's Treatment & Instruction)

DTI is a unique way of combining Don’s Treatment and his Instruction on self treatment. Over 35 years of experience has taught Don an unusual but interesting truth that ‘Self Treatment’ is something anyone can easily and safely do and enjoy much health benefit from. He has also found out that the clinical benefit of Self Treatment is quite often much bigger than that of any professional treatments including his.

So to benefit more people he has created a unique way of treatment called DTI through which patients not only enjoy his thorough acupuncture treatment but use the info they learn from him to improve their conditions themselves.

DTI is only available with Don in NZ and Australia so it’s a special opportunity to learn how to improve your condition yourself.



What are the benefits of DTI?

Thorough & quality acupuncture treatment

You will learn what the cause of your condition is and how it is related to your organs. Don treats not only the symptoms of your condition but its cause with various techniques to make his treatment thorough and effective.

Don’s instruction on Self Treatment

While treating patients Don teaches them how to improve their conditions themselves safely, easily and effectively. So after just a few visits they may likely improve their conditions themselves with the info they have learned.

Long term benefit

As you learn how to treat your condition yourself you will be able to enjoy long term benefit from the instruction you’ve learned from Don.

Saving money on treatment cost and travel

The purpose of DTI is to encourage you not to keep coming for treatment but to look after your condition yourself using the info you’ve learned. This way you can save lots of money on treatment cost and travel as you need just a few sessions of treatment from Don.

DTI & KHT (Korean Hand Therapy)

The instruction I give to patients is about ‘Self Treatment’ with which they can improve their conditions themselves afterwards. Over the years I have learned most Self Treatment methods in Korea where these are quite common and popular not only to the practitioners but to the general public.

Decades of my experience see that KHT (Korean Hand Therapy) is the best Self Treatment method ever among all because of many strong points like being safe, easy to learn, powerful, side effect free, handy to apply, cost effective, etc.

So KHT is the main item I teach during DTI.

Initial Visit


60 Minutes

2nd Visit Onwards


45-50 Minutes

Check out what clients say

Don is an incredibly talented medical professional and the results from his Korean hand therapy treatments far surpassed my expectations.

I have recommended him to several friends and will vouch for his abilities. He will teach you how to do the hand acupuncture treatment yourself in simple, safe steps.

Gabrielle Fitzgerald

Don Kim is without a doubt the most effective treatment provider in acupuncture I have ever received.

I suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Since day one of Dons help I had nothing but positive effects. Not only with my pain, but also my energy and mood.

Thank you very much Don for your service.

David Horwood

Don is an inspired and elegant practitioner of his craft. I have been seeing him regularly for a condition that was quietly beginning to effect the quality of my life. I have had a remarkable response to his treatment, which includes his tips of self care at home. I am so happy to have found him!

Jill Brinsdon