7 Day Health Retreat Program

"Learn easy to apply and extremely effective therapy… at a beautiful private property perfect to destress." -Amanda H

Program Overview

7 days of ‘Life changing experience’ or ‘Getting mastery of KHT’ at Don’s Health Retreat

  • Have you struggled to conceive a baby for a long time?
  • Are you or your loved one suffering from cancer?
  • Have you long struggled to lose weight?
  • Are you keenly interested in appearance?
  • If you are a practitioner why not privately learn all stages of KHT/KHA, ‘the best single treatment modality’ from its master?

Then this unique Private Health Retreat program will be an answer. As a longtime acupuncturist and the only

Korean Hand Therapy teacher in NZ and Australia Don offers this program with Hera who has been a food advisor for over 25 years.

Even if an acupuncturist Don has specialized in

Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) for over 35 years, KHT is very special in two ways. 

1. KHT is known as ‘the best Self Treatment method’. – for General public.

So anyone with difficult condition can learn KHT and use it for him or herself after private training from Don. With it you can improve almost any conditions yourself from pain to cancers. Especially Don specializes in Infertility, Weight loss, Appearance and Cancers.

2. KHT/KHA has been proved to be ‘the best Single Treatment modality’. – for Practitioners.

This is because we can improve many conditions with KHT that we hardly can with any other modalities. So by either adding KHT to their modality or only using KHT as a sole modality any practitioners will be able to improve many conditions that they used to struggle to.

So whether you be a practitioner or not you will learn something very special because it will help you either be able to care for your condition yourself safely and effectively or become more competitive in your business.



We are busy practitioners from Wellington. We wanted to learn a new skill to add to our range of services but also wanted some peace, calm and time out to refresh. Don an Hera have a beautiful private property with the best cedar spa, auto massage bed, mud & charcoal sauna, tuis, wood pigeons, hawk, more pork and fantails – perfect to destress! Korean Hand Therapy is a great added skill for Libby and myself as it is a very easy to apply therapy and that is extremely effective.

The principles align well with our naturopathic and herbal medicine training so despite the load of new information from Don's years of experience we are integrating the learning nicely into our clinic environment. Don is hugely experienced and delivers his knowledge calmly and clearly, I would recommend any practitioner to reap the rewards of using the added therapy in your clinic and learning from the best. Thanks again Don and Hera:)

Amanda and Libby

7 Day Health Retreat Program

(Only 2 people)

For Anyone

Just after 7 days ANYONE will care for his condition by himself in a natural, effective, safe and cost effective way with a clinically proven self treatment method. 


Specialized areas are:


Weight loss



(during or after cancer treatments)

Any conditions welcome

For Practitioners

Special opportunity to get mastery of KHT,

the best single treatment modality

* ‘4 day Program’ is also available to 2 people already teamed up.

Course Options

Option A

Full program including all meals and cooking classes

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • Don’s consultation (1 on 1)
  • Don’s treatment & Personal training (1 on 1)
  • Private Self Treatment training (in a group of 2)
  • Complimentary gift 1: Self Treatment Kit (Self Tx case, Lancet pen & 50 Lancets, Needle inserter & 100 Needles, 2 boxes of Press pellets (S & L))
  • Complimentary gift 2: 2 Korean Hand Therapy e workbooks
  • Mud & Charcoal Sauna & Cedar Hot Tub
  • Ceragem, Seat Moxa, Foot spa, Bush walk, Gravel walk, Table tennis
  • Post retreat support and follow-up for 3 months
  • 2 Private zoom consultation vouchers
  • Pickup & Drop off (from/at Skybus terminal in Albany)
  • All meals (including two times of 3 course gourmet dinners)
  • Private Cooking classes (in group of 2)

Option B

Full Program excluding all meals and cooking classes

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During the program you will privately have tailored consultation, treatment and training directly from Don (option A: plus learning about Hera’s unique Oriental and fusion recipes and enjoying her cooking classes and healthy and tasty meals). Unique learning environment of only 2 practitioners with a KHT master Don provides you with the only opportunity to learn all stages of KHT in NZ n Australia. (Don stopped teaching KHT online or elsewhere.)

Just after 7 days you as a general public will be given ‘a tailored self treatment plan’ with which you can look after your precious health by yourself in a way that you would have never even imagined before. Or as a practitioner you will be able to see your skills n expertise upgraded a lot.

Come and experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at Don’s Private Health Retreat in Auckland before he retires.

In a Nutshell

Yes it may well be said that practical health benefit you get from this special program will be more than from any other programs at any other retreats in the world!

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